Design Build

Design Build

The difference between Design Build and Design-Bid-Build is design and construction contracts are combined. The architectural designer or builder will ultimately hold the contract. The property owner finalizes the design and makes all the selections with their designer and builder. This method offers one point-of-contact person for both the design and construction phase.

Professional Guides

Specific design and construction details are being developed throughout the entire process and the focus stays on owner “value and vision”. The communication benefits of working with a design professional and a construction expert at the same time ensures that potential problems are discovered before the project starts. It also provides the client the ability to make desired change the design or selection.

Budget Management

Discussing budget during the design phase (not waiting until the bids come in) helps to keep projects within said budget. Once the scope of work has been finalized, the project costs are clearly defined and controlled by the design-build team. At Cargill Construction we go one step further in assisting you with your budget. Cargill Construction has created a showroom-design center for better pricing of your interior finishes. You know before you commit to final budget what your cost are for over 50 categories.

The Benefits of Having a Design Build Team

  • Team Work
  • Total Accountability
  • Continuity
  • Expertise
  • Budget management
  • Owner Involvement
  • Open, Honest, and Frequent Communication
  • Single source of accountability
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Faster project completion

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