Architectural Design

Architectural Design

The architectural approach at Cargill Construction is always the same; to view this process as a creative and collaborative journey with our client, from inception to project completion. Cargill’s team understands and respects our client’s expectations, budget, and goals

Quite often, our clients come to the meeting with sample pictures of their design vision. This meeting can take place almost anywhere. We often meet in our showroom, at the future house property, or even at our client’s current home to discuss what they like (or don’t like) about it. A site visit will be arranged to evaluate the existing features of the property as well as possible site obstacles.

We begin to discuss a general floor plan and exterior appearance of the home, generally we work loosely in sketch. At our first preliminary design meeting, we will present two (or three) different design options for the clients review and evaluation. The client will then choose between the options (or combine elements of each together). We will present a 2D scaled drawing and/or a 3D digital model of the chosen design, at our next meeting.

We take a very detailed look at how all the pieces will fit together when the design has been refined. With the goals and scope of the project established, the client begins working with our interior designer by going through the extensive selections available in the Cargill Showroom. Here, the client will select finish products and establish the look and feel of the design.

Working in conjunction with our architectural designer, our interior designer will produce detailed drawings of kitchen and bathrooms, as well as master suites, and any other areas where products are to be installed. The end of the design development phase marks the suggested “last call” for any significant design changes.

With a set of construction documents, construction budget agreement, and building
permit in hand… we’re ready to build!

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